What We Do

Our goal is to be the world’s leading experience solution for digital business. How will we get there? By building technology with the goal of empowering people.

We solve everyday frustrations for marketers, developers, and eCommerce professionals, as well as the deeper technology issues sitting at a company’s digital core.

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Our Story

Bloomreach began when friends Raj de Datta, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and Ashutosh Garg, Research Scientist at Google, came together with the idea that every online experience could be massively improved if it was tailored to each person.

They started in 2009 with a product that used smart algorithms that understood the language customers use to search, and helped businesses automatically deliver webpages that matched the searcher’s intent - and rose to the top of search engine results.

From there on, Bloomreach evolved as the internet evolved. Now Bloomreach is transforming again as the worlds of content and eCommerce become inseparable, which led to the CMS company, Hippo, coming on board in 2016.

Bloomreach is bold, unafraid to change and constantly listen to its customers to find out which problems to solve next in the era of Connected Experiences.

Our Culture

We're keen workers and we trust each other to own projects, budgets and deliver on time. It's why, when someone asks for a game of table football or to work from home, you know they'll hit that deadline no matter what.

Life at Bloomreach

Great Minds Think Alike, All Over the World

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Our Values


Data is the path to truth. We value opinions, but we rely on hard facts to guide our decision making.


Ownership empowers people. We are all owners of this company, and take responsibility for the future of our business.

We win (and lose) together. Our success is down to a collective effort, not one person or team. We rise or fall as one company.

Continuous learning. We think about the wider implications of our work, experiment with new methods, and are driven by an insatiable curiosity.

No politics, just work. We focus on building a great business and resolve friction quickly, transparently and respectfully.