The Freedom to Do More Than Work

We're keen workers and we trust each other to own projects, budgets and deliver on time. It's why, when someone asks for a game of table football or to work from home, you know they'll hit that deadline no matter what.

Diversity Is Ingrained in Us

Diversity has been with us from the beginning and we continue to embrace differences. It's simply something we couldn't imagine living without. And it's what made our success.

We're a highly international global company welcoming all talents regardless of background, experience, race, age, gender, sexuality, ideology or personality. Our openness to difference is what unites us.

Get More Than a Job

Exciting projects? Yes! Innovative ideas? Yes! Flexibility and personal development? Of course.

Each office has benefits tailored to the feedback of the people who work there. 

More Things You'll Like About Bloomreach:


  • A great deal of freedom and trust. At Bloomreach we don’t clock in and out, and we have neither corporate rules nor long approval processes. This freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility. We are interested in results from day one. 
  • At Bloomreach, we believe in flexible working hours to accommodate your working style.
  • We organize company events (summits) twice a year to experience the global spirit of the company and get excited about what's ahead.
  • We have a friendly atmosphere and motivated colleagues who like what they do.
  • The Bloomreach Glassdoor page elaborates on our 4.7/5 rating.

Personal Development:

  • We have a People Development Program - using competency maps, participating in weekly personal development workshops on various topics run by experts from inside the company.
  • Our managers participate in the leader development program to develop in the areas we consider essential for any leader. 
  • Bloomreachers utilize the personal education budget on an annual basis to purchase education products (books, courses, etc.)
  • There's access to Udemy courses for all employees.
  • Our resident communication coach Ivo Večeřa is available for work-related communications challenges.


  • The employee assistance program - with counselors - is available for non-work-related challenges.
  • Bloomreachers enjoy DisConnect days to unwind and focus on activities away from the screen with our loved ones.
  • We facilitate sports, yoga, and meditation opportunities for each other.
  • There's extended parental leave available (with regional specifics).


  • Bloomreachers get rewarded based on their commitment and capabilities.
  • Everyone gets to participate in the company's success through the company performance bonus.
  • Bloomreachers get stock options granted depending on their role, seniority, and location.
  • We offer an employee referral bonus of up to 3000 USD paid out immediately after the new hire starts.
  • Bloomreach provides a monthly lunch entitlement (with regional specifics).
  • There's a pension scheme (with regional specifics).
  • Employees get a healthcare plan (with regional specifics).
  • We celebrate work anniversaries - Bloomversaries!


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